Ski rental Delpero reviews


  1. User icon 5 GEDIMINAS - Vilnius

  1. User icon 4 JOHAN - Vaxholm

  1. User icon 4 FLEMMING - Jyllinge

    Small but good store. When returning some boots, a member of staff was a bit rude, but being it was Italy, that didn't concern us.

  1. User icon 5 MATILDE - Derbyshire

    Excellent. Good quality equipment. Right next to the chair lift. We were able to leave our equipment at the shop each evening for €10 for the week which was very useful.

  1. User icon 5 MARCO - VERDERIO

    Buenos profesionales

  1. User icon 5 RAY - Shropshire

    The staff were very courtesy and helpfull We were dealt with within 20 mins and out all 6 of us. One point I send the weights in to set the skis up and may have got some not quite right to enable the skis to break free if a fall happened which it did and skis stayed attached. Maybe have a set of weighing scales to check the weight of the customers. Buthe all in all the shop were great and we would use again and recommended to others Thanks

  1. User icon 4 DEBORA TERESA - Pulsano

    Speaking of equipment, the first time I hired skis and boots were avant-garde, the second time I didn't like the boots . Sorry. Apart from this personally, my rental will always be done by you because you are very kind.

  1. User icon 5 ALEKSANDRA - Kalisz

    Staff is helpfull, equipment is preapred very well.

  1. User icon 4 JIRI - norrköping

    The first par of skis was porly served!