Ski rental Delpero reviews


  1. User icon 4 DICK -

    My overall rating is a little bit biased because it was extremely busy when we picked up the snowboards. So the staff had very little time to help everybody in the same manner. Because it was that busy they had no time to check the gear which meant that one binding came loose and the boards needed to be waxed halfway the week. But that was all solved very well. So other that that my experience was very positive.

  1. User icon 5 MARCIN -

    The children didn't complain about the equipment (skis and ski boots) so everything was fine.

  1. User icon 4 JENNY -

  1. User icon 5 PER -

    Really good skies! Friendly staff, even when we booked lite wrong they sorted it out for us.


  1. User icon 4 MIRJAM -

    I was not happy to find out that I did not get the promised rate of 63 Euros for a week's rent of skis. I paid about 71 Euros per pair (two people). I just found out after the vacation and want to contact del Pero for a refund. Regards, Mirjam Gernow

  1. User icon 5 ANNETTE -

  1. User icon 4 HÅKAN -

    (+) Location great, attentiveness and politeness good. Good was also the possibility to leave own shoes during the day and rented equipment during night in the store. (-) I rented equipment for expert but, the ski boots I was offered were not for advanced skiing, The ski were good but with soft boots you can't really make good use of the skis.

  1. User icon 5 GRACE - chelmsford

    great team, and very helpful. was able to change uncomfortable boots easily.

  1. User icon 4 AGNE -

    good service, polite people

  1. User icon 4 VALENTINA -

  1. User icon 5 ARIE - Kiriat Yam

    Recommended store. This is third year that I booked.

  1. User icon 5 JAN -

  1. User icon 4 LOUISE - HASSOCKS

    Not the best boots I’ve rented but sufficient for a week. Service okay- checked in five of us then Italian family jumped in front- had to assert ourselves in order to get attention. One guy, talk with moustache, was awesome. Smiling throughout and not fazed at all. Younger guy a bit trickier to deal with so was a long process in small store- plus British school groups use them so time your visit wisely. Drop off was better organised which was relief with three young kids. We are used to big Nott American rental services so maybe this the norm in Europe? Expect to wait and smile like the tall guy!

  1. User icon 5 HELEN - Tytherington

  1. User icon 5 JULIE - Uherský Brod

  1. User icon 5 GEDIMINAS - Vilnius

  1. User icon 4 JOHAN - Vaxholm

  1. User icon 4 FLEMMING - Jyllinge

    Small but good store. When returning some boots, a member of staff was a bit rude, but being it was Italy, that didn't concern us.

  1. User icon 5 MATILDE - Derbyshire

    Excellent. Good quality equipment. Right next to the chair lift. We were able to leave our equipment at the shop each evening for €10 for the week which was very useful.

  1. User icon 5 MARCO - VERDERIO

    Buenos profesionales

  1. User icon 5 RAY - Shropshire

    The staff were very courtesy and helpfull We were dealt with within 20 mins and out all 6 of us. One point I send the weights in to set the skis up and may have got some not quite right to enable the skis to break free if a fall happened which it did and skis stayed attached. Maybe have a set of weighing scales to check the weight of the customers. Buthe all in all the shop were great and we would use again and recommended to others Thanks

  1. User icon 4 DEBORA TERESA - Pulsano

    Speaking of equipment, the first time I hired skis and boots were avant-garde, the second time I didn't like the boots . Sorry. Apart from this personally, my rental will always be done by you because you are very kind.

  1. User icon 5 ALEKSANDRA - Kalisz

    Staff is helpfull, equipment is preapred very well.

  1. User icon 4 JIRI - norrköping

    The first par of skis was porly served!

  1. User icon 5 FARID - Kuala Lumpur

    The rental service was very good. Service is accurate as booked and efficient. Equipment was tip top. Very helpful shop assistant to cater customer needs. And they can speak English very well.